XBMC gets as far as splash screen and quits..

XBMC gets as far as splash screen and quits back to ATV. I’m sure its probably needs to have something deleted, but as stands I haven’t got a clue where to start. This is with the latest version of aTVflash and Version 2 of the XBMC launcher, although it was not working correctly on the previous version of the launcher as well.

Cheers Colin

same issues at first.

try to reinstall xbmc or the atvflash alltogether ?

i also have the launcher 2.0 and working fine for me. I just had issues with the resolution but all is fine now.


Got it working eventually…deleted some stuff and finally it burst into life…all good now, well its working better with the new launcher.



Can you expand on what exactly you deleted? Some other users might find it helpful if they have problems.

Hmmm yes I would have expanded on my findings except I wasn’t very scientific about it. Judging by the dates in the XBMC user/frontrow/library/application support/XBMC folder, I deleted the contents of this directory… too many Black Russians may have impaired my memory…again


That’s cool. I know what you mean. That gives me an idea of what to point people to if they have this problem.