XBMC freezes up at startup Solved? (For me)

For the longest time I have had problems with XBMC not starting up properly. I would select XBMC from the ATV menu screen only to get a blank black screen and XBMC navigation sounds. I have been re-booting the ATV thinking this was the way to get me into XBMC (YES another re-boot!!). Apparently there is a conflict with the HDMI handshake between the ATV and my Samsung LCD. Turning off the tv and turning it on brings XBMC back into view!!! If anyone is having this issue with Boxee or XBMC, just give this a try.

I have the same problem, but I’m not using HDMI. Suggestions?

FWIW XBMC is otherwise working. I can navigate to “shut down” by memory and get back to the main ATV menu.

Turning off the LCD display and turning it back on is definitely working for me. I would only suggest trying turning off your tv and seeing if that works. From the beginning when I bought my ATV new under 2.0 software release I have had a similar problem that still persists today, where sometimes (once or twice a month) my color will display very “weird”. All I have to do is turn off and on my tv and it is back to normal. The XBMC/Boxee issue seems very related to this “stock” ATV problem. Does turning off you tv work for you?

I’ll try. I noticed the same problem with both Boxee and XBMC - seems that the video wasn’t initializing properly and I’m left with no video 1/2 the times I start it up. Rebooting ATV has no effect on the odds of it happening.