XBMC for latest jailbreak and latest flash

Does XBMC not work with the latest seasonpass untethered jailbreak with the latest atv flash black


Thanks in advance


For a list of all compatible software that is easily bundled in aTV Flash (available through SSH installation as well) http://blog.firecore.com/8099.

When i go into the manage extras and install XBMC it says installation Failed!


I have rebooted and tried many times.

Is there anyway of seeing what failed to install? There should be a log that you can view.

im also getting the same thing it wont install

For us to try and point you into the proper direction we need to know what the error is in the logs. When it says Installation Failed does it not give you an option to view a log file?

it did have a log.  I just tried unplugging the power and plugging it back in.  It now seems like it is installing however its almost 10 minutes and still say installing.  Either way more progress than before.



One could only speculate that the install is taking awhile because everyone is hitting the servers hard trying to get it setup. It is the first day that it is available now.

I figured as much although, 35 mins still going seems abit strange.

I’ve tried the instructions at: http://www.appletvhacks.net/2012/04/02/xbmc-11-0-eden-for-apple-tv-2-5-0-ios-5-1-released-how-to-install-tutorial/

and: http://lifehacker.com/5739364/how-to-install-xbmc-on-your-apple-tv-2

With no luck, is there a more up to date set I should be using?

I’m also getting Installation Failed! error when trying to install xbmc, media player,and lastfm. I says in short…" E: Broken packages ts…


It finally worked after unplugging power and retrying install…Thanks guys!


Please post what guide you followed so that others can reference. Thanks

There was no guide…all I did was shutdown atv2, unplug from back of atv2 and re-plug power, than tried to install xbmc…which worked.

Oh so you installed using ATV Flash then? 

Yes, through ATVFlash.

I did samething like you, and get installing XBMC for long…long time, and finally i gave up.