XBMC Files not showing



So with the recent pulling out of Boxee I have resulted in using XBMC. It was all fine and dandy for a little while. I had to update the whole library and I could view the files and see they were getting updated with scrappers.


So when the updating of the scrappers had almost finished I tried to access the movies via the title I had given ‘Movies,’ under the Videos section. I have a blank side bar pull up that it usually populated with  all the movies. I cannot get access to that further options side bar.


I can view my files through the ‘Files,’ title and in the ‘Library’ title however this isn’t what I want as it doesn’t have scrappers, viewing options and so on.


Is anyone else having this problem or is anyone able to help me.



Ohh and also my title ‘TV Shows’ under videos has the same problem.