XBMC Everything Comes up With No Entries

Hi Guy’s,


I have 5 alle tv 2’s and never came across this problem til now.

I restored one of the apple tv’s as it was acting up a bit. (Was travelling between places with it).
and after the restore and the jailbreak, I installed XBMC and sourced it out to fusion like I always do.

after installing the add-on’s, it goes into them but nothing shows up at the selection screen. (for instance, i’ll go to past 24 hours and it shows up blank).


I concider my self intermediate level but this has me stumped???


Any suggestions? 

When you installed the repositories or Add-ons did you enable them?

  1. Install from zip
  2. Get Add-ons
  3. Videos/Add-ons "Get More..." and ensure that they are indeed enabled

Steps 1-2 are done in SYSTEM/settings/Add-ons/Install from zip file …[fusion]

above Install from zip file is Get Add-ons…select the repositories and ensure that the video add ons are installed.

after selecting and installing all, EXIT and go to Videos/Addons either scroll up to get to the bottom of the list or scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list and select Get more…ensure what you want is enable here as well.



If by chance any of the repositories have empty entries “Force Refresh” (highlight the repositories in Get Add-ons and hold the menu button until a menu screen pops up)  might have to do this a few times, might have to exit XBMC might have to reboot the device…give it a few minutes for sure.