XBMC Error:XBMC/BOXEE exited with status 6


I have Apple TV 1 (1st Generation)

I created Patchstick and has installed Launcher for XBMC and Boxee. I installed only XBMC 11 Pre Eden from the menu and worked fine three weeks but yesterday I am getting

XBMC Error:XBMC/BOXEE exited with status 6 and exit XBMC and comes back to main aTV menu.
XBMC.org forum is black out and if anyone know how to fix this problem then greatly appreciated for help.




Hi - just started having this issue now too.  Only in XBMC (I don’t use boxee much but when i’ve been on there - it has not crashed).  Saturday night it was hit and miss - it would let me into a media foler in XBMC and then would crash in a folder with multiple movie thumbnails.  They would load quickly (actually way quicker than they do on my ATV 2) but as soon as i’d hilite one or start scrolling down - it would give me te status 6 error.  I got in again and after a few tries got it to work…then sunday, I could not even get into that folder that i had been in…it would Status 6 me immediately.


I haven’t yet updated my atv1 to Eden beta 2 (still on Dharma that had been working well for quite sometime).

Anyone else have any ideas whats causing this.  Does Eden have this issue as well?  There was a thread on xbmc as there should be but I thought I’d give it a shot here and see if anyone’s had luck or know if its solely an xbmc thing or if its from being jailbroken



Thanks for your post and yes, I also switched to Dharma and its working fine but I really like to use new XBMC 11 on my Apple TV1 so if anyone has working fine on their ATV1 then please post how to fix this problem error status 6


Anyone figure this out yet?  I set up my silver Apple TV 1 about 6 months ago with Dharma. Never had a problem until recently.  Now whenever I go to Movies and start scrolling through it exits with this error.  I have TONS of TV shows, no problems.  Reading from an external drive. I even took the time to convert everything that was still in avi to Mp4 to see if that fixed anything but no.  I’m next gong to take all the movies off and add them back slowly, see if I can get rid of it that way. If not, then trying to install Eden and see if that fixes the issue.

You must update from Apple and apply PatchStick again and install XBMC Dharma but do not update or upgrade. Don’t install unnecessory Pluggin or repository.


Thanks. Will give it a shot. I did install Dharma and it seemed to work better but is still shutting down (movies only).

How do I get to read movies from USB stick or external hard drive ?? I have XBMC installed Eden 11 , but cant find / see my USB or network drives.