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yesterdar I install atv flash xmbc edition, but now the apple tv doesn’t start; when I reconect power with out de USB Flash I just see black on the tv screen. How I can restore the Apple TV, because now it’s doesn’t work.

Ricardo Cárdenas.

been having the same issue!!

Well, somebody can tell me how I can fix this problem, because now a can’t use my apple tv

Try re-installing the XBMC edition through the pen drive.

Here the same
Openelec successfully installed, airplay won’t work, after reboot apple tv won’t start, restore stick won’t restore the original apple tv firmware…
All this costs only 30 USD. Enjoy. Good deal Firecore

After reinstall it doesn’t work again. I only see the openelec logo (openelec is FREE by the way!!!) and then red screen for ever. Well I WONT MY MONEY BACK. And please tell me HOW I REALLY CAN RESTORE MY APPLE TV!

Ok. Finally I managed this. Thanks to Sam from crystalubuntu project. By the way crystalubuntu is free, too. Before installation you need to the change the Settings > Audio & Video > HDMI Output to «RGB HIGH».

I tried this and still have nothing working. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

My tv actually gives me an “Invalid Format” where it normally says HDMI 2 (ATV).

And getting it to restore is a nightmare, that takes like 5 reinstalls to my flash drive, and attempts to get the apple tv to read it. SAD.

the file loads ok, brings me to the apple screen where I can chose between restore, restart and diagnose. But when I restore, it just keeps looping back to the restore, restart and diagnose screen.???

You have to plug Ethernet Cable in. With wifi connection it doesn’t work

Getting same results. ATV reboots then Invalid Format appears on the screen, and nothing happens. No problem for me to restore to factory settings. Any response from Firecore team anyone?

Man I got the same problem as you guys, just paid 30 for a headache has anyone gotten their money back ?

I tried restoring The ATV1, then setting video output to RGB low and RGB high, but still didn’t work. I finally sold my ATV1 and bought an Amazon Fire TV. Kodi installed like a charm and is a much better machine.

I do not recommend FireCore’s product. If you read this, don’t waste time and money on this product!

here ya go; this will completely remove XBMC edition and restore your Apple TV. http://firecore.com/forum/topic/13193

I had to open a claim to get my money back. I’ve been using aTV Flash for years, and had to get PayPal involved to even get a response, much less my money. I am done with their products and service. There are too many options now… AVOID IF POSSIBLE. It will waste time and money.

I agree - stop wasting your time trying to get your money back. I wrote them for support when I could not get their product working, and it took a MONTH to get back to me with useless questions.

Avoid at all cost! They do not seem to care that their product don’t work. Big lack of integrity from their part. Shame on them!

xbmc work but no menu apple tv