Hi all -


I was using ATV FLASH on my Silver ATV since 2008.

I have an external HDD attached.

I used my MAC to SFTP wireless into the external HDD and place all my movies / delete my movies.

I could modify/delete files from within ATV FLASH or from my SFTP program on the MAC.


I installed XBMC EDITION

I attached my external HDD and I am able to watch all my movies.

I am able to SFTP into the ATV.

I CANNOT delete, modify, or place any movies onto the External HDD.


From within XBMC, I now no longer have the options of DELETE etc when holding down menu - I only have Queue / Play etc…

This is obviously a permissions issue - Is it because the previous version was Apple OS - so it could modify the External HDD and now OpenElec is Linux?

Any support would be great. I’ve sent Firecore this question last week and have not heard back - whereas previous they have always responded within 24 hours to all my account related questions.


“I’ve sent Firecore this question last week and have not heard back”

I’ve tried phoning them over the past week (pre-purchase of special video card plus XBMC on Gen1 ATV) and keep getting their answering machine. If they would only put on their website how external USB drives work (or don’t) with their XBMC product, they wouldn’t have frustrated folks like you and me.


After many hours - I was able to determine that OpenElec on the ATV1 - is unable to modify external drives that are formatted as MAC.

When I formatted the external HDD to FAT32 - then the ATV OpenElec was able to modify the drive, and I was able to modify it by SFTP to the HDD from my MAC.

All of which I couldn’t do until it was formatted to FAT32.

Almost a week and still haven’t heard back from Firecore.

My first time in 6 years as a client that they have let me down by not responding to me.

Thank you very much for wrestling with this. As a result of your hard work and relaying your success, I will be getting the XBMC product AND order the video card. It’s a shame that they continue to not respond to your and my repeated inquiries.

I’ll just go with they’re a very very small operation and are overworked and I hope that the video card makes it here.