XBMC download problem.

Hello and good’m new is this the aTV Flash, one of the things that made me buy the product was able to have XBMC on the Apple TV, but now I know not to let downloadable versions 10.1 or 11.

Watching other forums I found that there are no updates for XBMC for Apple TV1, I do not think paying for a service you do not provide this service as Raspberry Pi with OpenELEC offers this service with the latest versions of XBMC and see that also offers it for ATV1, and could reach an agreement and continue to give their customer service aTV Flash is very comfortable that you charge and do the work others could look to upgrade the service reach sane with other providers that are still serving the ATV1.

Also will not let me reiterate that none of the download 2 versions that you have now in service, I could see the issue and try to offer new updates.

A greeting,
A dissatisfied customer yet.

I have also just bought this for my aTV1 - VERY unhappy you cannot support (install) XBMC… What’s the point of paying $$ for this if it doesn’t do the main thing I bought it for??

Hello and very good;

I mention that I found a people who will install the XBMC exclusively for ATV1 one and conoca by the Raspberry Pi that I have are what OpenElec.tv, you have the option of running directmente from USB without changing the Fireware Apple, this it is a little slow in performance, but also give you the option of replacing the firewire directly from Apple and install XBMC on disk and just crank or start with but delete everything Apple. But if one day you want to leave the Apple back in original form also has the option to reinstall the original Fireware. I tried the 3 options are very good and great if you have all latest versions available, 11 as classical, 12 as current use and 13 in beta mode, if you normally always go hand in hand with XBMC.org.

There are other people, but I have not tested now will begin to be tested are the CristalUbuntu.com, although I can not say anything because I have not tried, but I will start soon to test them.

Another thing that is only to start XBMC and all for FREE.

PS: These people are some scammers FireCore say that they do not offer a service and I would like to know how to throw them pure by misleading propaganda, but I guess it will be difficult from here in Spain.