xbmc crashes when atv flash black media player is installed

xbmc crashes when atv flash black media player is installed. Once i remove media player xbmc works fine. I can start up xbmc and use it for a bit and after a few mins it reboots for some reason. I would love to have both installed but if it comes down to it I would rather have xbmc as it has more funtions to it. If someone can help me to have both installed would be great thanks

This is why you can’t have both 


"8 libsmbclient.dylib 0x01c52dbe 0x1c2d000 + 155070

9 libsmbclient.dylib.0 0x047d2956 0x47d0000 + 10582

We have covered this before, xbmc and atv-flash’s media player are incompatible. ^^ that’s the signature. libsmbclient.dylib.0 is ours, libsmbclient.dylib is theirs and the symbols table is gets mangled."


I pasted this from this forum





it seems that last aTV Flash (black)  release fixed this : 


From aTV Flash (black) 2.0.1 release notes : “Resolved conflicts with XBMC related to SMB”


Everything works fine for me since the update.


Anyone to confirm?