XBMC crash (ATV reboot) ATV second gen

I have updated to the latest Apple firmware and version of ATV flash. 

I use a private DAV (HTTP streaming) server to watch tv shows and movies. Since the update the ATV reboots about every 10 minutes in the middle of playing mp4 and avi files. However it doesn’t happen when i just leave the library screen on for 10 minutes. I tried to watch something on the server on a laptop through VLC and this works fine.

Out of the blue while watching something in XBMC it just reboots no error message or anything. I don’t think there is a log file i can check in XBMC which i can post here but if there is please let me know if it will help to solve it.

Other then XBMC and the standard firecore software i haven’t installed anything else. XBMC is up to date and so is everything else.


Please help as at the moment its impossible to watch anything. I have two apple tv’s with exactly the same configuration and it happends on both. If i watch something with the normal media player through iTunes it doesn’t happen. So probably it’s some sort of conflict between XBMC and aTV flash 2.0.


Getting a bit desperate as i can’t watch anything at the moment from this server i normally use.

Thanks for the help!

Update on the issue: it doesn’t occur when i switch on debug mode (so far). Just need to find out if this is a XBMC issue. Anymore people that have simmilar issues?

i’d post this on the XBMC forum. 


what stream are you watching? does it happen on any stream? or just a particular one.

Here’s how to get a log file - http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=XBMC_for_iOS_specific_FAQ#Userdata_folder_and_logs