XBMC continuously crashes after ATV 1.6 update

XBMC continuously crashes after ATV 1.6 update, have r&r all installations i.e. XBMC no help was thinking about re-jailbraking but afraid I will be in the same position or worse…


Any suggestions would be appreciated…





Removing the Media Player fixes the crashing issues with XBMC.

You are correct Foamman noticed when I re-installed extras and when “working” the media player was NOT installed…


I have 4.4.4 should I upgrade to 5.1? 

I also keep getting crashes. I run iOS 5.1.1 on my ATV 2
Even a complete new jailbreak, reinstall of ATV Flash black 1.6 did not work.

A persistent crash happens when I try to put my Video folder in Library Mode. As soon as I press-hold the menu button it crashes.

As said a completely redid the jailbreak, only installed ATV Flash Black 1.6, XMBC (so, not even media playet).

How can I fix this??

submit diagnostic bug reports via Manage settings, have sent over 100 going on deaf ears, disappointing firecore “updates” are supposed to improve not cause more issues.

A new build of Media Player has just been released that resolves the XBMC related issues. You can update on the Apple TV through the Maintenance --> Manage Extras menu.

Sorry for the trouble.

What about the “Bug Reports” you asked for?

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Those that sent in bug reports helped us track down certain cases that were causing problems.

If you’re still seeing issues with the new build please let us know.

understood, but appears bug reports are requested but we see limited results, that is what is frustrating. You guys go with upgrades where bugs still persist from the last i.e. media issues 

Well a bug report actually consists of two parts. One is the diagnostic report from the Apple TV itself, the other being a support ticket which describes the problem.

Without being able to pair the diagnostic report with an actual problem, the amount of usable information we’re able to get from the diagnostic report alone is very limited.

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Mye ATV2 crashed when searching for new content both under 1.6 and now under 1.7. I used to think it was Plex, but now with it removed (and it was useless) XBMC still crashes sometimes. 


UPDATED: Seems to have solved itself, by itself now.