xbmc Constellation problem

Anybody using xbmc Constellation as a remote?  I’m using xbmc with Icefilms and Navi-X and trying to find a good Ipad remote that allows easy text entry for searching.  Constellation is ok except that it’s probably more suited for someone with a lot of media steaming from a server.  Or maybe there’s a way that I can browse Icefilms media through the app?  

Anyway, the keyboard works ok except that, for some strange reason, the “E” tangent acts as “enter”.  I’ve tested all the other letters and numbers on the virtual keyboard, but for some reason “E” defaults to whichever area of the search window that’s selected (default = “Done”).  It’s pretty annoying.

Let me know if you’ve got any clues how to fix this or suggestions for a better remote.