XBMC can not see may hard drive



can some one point me in the right direction here.

I have a ATv2, latest updates, over a wired network to my iMac &.1, it has a 2 tB hard drive with my media.

for some reason XBMC cannot see the hard drive to play the media, The media play from FireCore works great, everything else seems good, but i can play through Xbmc?


I have NFS installed on my iMac for my Atv1, i have shared working for my Atv2, and even plea works great???


If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be good.


Thanks in advance.



set up your MAC for UPNP access to your files on the hard drive.  That worked for me.


Hi do you do that through the sharing or router, my router is already set up?

Your router should not block anything inside your LAN.  unless you set it to block something.  It can pass UPNP communication protocol.  But you have to set up UPNP on your mac apple computer first.  have never done this, but on the PC there are several steps to open security, and get a hosting application running.  There are a few hosting applications available out there like TVERSITY that will run on your computer, and host UPNP communication.  You have to install them.