XBMC / BOXEE now on AppleTV

I hope the next version of the flash will include this update.

Looks good. I may try it now. Check it out.

This is numero uno for me!!! Having XBMC on AppleTV would be incredible. Mostly because then we could install this skin: http://www.aeonproject.com/

And it will be glorious. Hopefully you guys are already on this.

wow. i wish next release will include this. if i’ll install it - will it mess up my 3.3.1 install?

I might have figured out a way to install these on your atvflash hacked apple tv. I’m playing with it now. If it works I can tell you that it’s super easy!!

So is XMBC / BOXEE inclusion planned for the next release of ATVFlash, or not? I wasn’t sure if one of the previous posts in this thread was from one of the board’s admins/developers. and I wasn’t clear as to whether other were seeking ways to use the ATV USB Creator alongside ATVFlash, or if the feature set of ATV USB Creator was going to be incorporated into ATVFlash’s feature set.

Please clarify…thanks!

Installation instructions:


Video of it working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0vv2GxZaTM

Thank you!

+1 for seeing this out of the box in the next release

Closing this thread as there is a similar one that others can post to if needed.