XBMC/Boxee Non Op on 3.4

After update to 2.3 & 3.4 I now get ERROR:Cannot launch XBMC/Boxee from path: /Applications/Boxee.app/Contents/MacOS/Boxee. The same error for XBMC except “XBMC” instaed of “Boxee” in error line…

Did you run the Update command in XBMC/Boxee? Even though aTV Flash installs the launcher, it does not install the actual applications.

Same problem here. Tried to update the software via the update button…but, it seems the google pages where the software used to be located is no more. Shows an error. Is there a way to manually install boxee? DL from boxee’s site and move over to ATv?

–Update— Never mind. Seems my wireless connection stopped. Working now. Btw, does anyone know what the autoupdater enable item does? Does it mean atv will update from now on, without all the hassles of the flash stick drive? Curious.

Ran updates from XBMX/Boxee menu OK and now working.