XBMC and SMB router attached drive success (Belkin N+)

I just jailbroke my ATV2 and installed aTVFlash. Perfectly smooth process. Kudos to the devs.

XBMC was another matter. Specifically: setting up an SMB share on an network attached drive (a USB drive attached to a Belkin N+ router). Using "Video >> Add Source >> Browse >> Windows newwork (SMB)" the router refused the connection at first. But a couple of reboots of the router, my Airport Express, and the ATV2, I was finally able to connect to the router and browse for the attached drive. The default login is "guest" (and there seems to be no way of changing this) without a password.

So far so good. I am watching videos in 720HD without any problems at all.


I hope this helps.


I should add that this is the current/lastes iOS 4.2.1 (2100) and the XBMC 10.1 release.

Hi fmed,
Thanks for sharing this info. You saved my night :-). Works for me as well.