XBMC and Mediaplayer Playback Problems

Yesterday I did a Jailbreak with the latest Pwnage and installed Beta 5.

XBMC and MediaPlayer does not seem to work over SMB or AFP.

Some AVI plays OK

Some MP4 plays - big ones not at all - or Memory Limit and it stops

Some DVD starts to play, but then stops or crashes the ATV2 (It restarts)


Basically it doesn’t work (The old ATV works fine - but some ISO with “freeze” both devices with the "Loading Wheel))

Am I doing something wrong ?

Jens - Denmark

Just made a Seas0onPass Jailbreak and tried to play DVD ISO, MP4 and other from NAS - does not work or crashes the ATV2…

I think you are using Beta software and expecting things to work properly


I have both the MediaPlayer and XBMC accessing media over SMB, shared from a Win XP machine.