XBMC and Boxee show black screen!!!!


Did the update when the 3.4 was released.

but xbmc and boxee show a black screen (they work as I hear a click). I also did a factory restore, and reinstall all in order, and rebooted.

If I am lucky I get a screen, but nothing that I could count on.

Any fix for that so far ? Those 2 software is what I used the most !!!

Let us know.


I have the same issue on 3.4.1
Boxie start to woek only after set of restarts and work only if after run it I can see the apple logo on screen for some time.
Black screen issue always display apple logo just for a moment after launch Boxie

All I can say is that I had the problem until I updated all three items in the XBMC/Boxee menu option. I know others have tried this and it didn’t work, so unfortunately I don’t have a solution for you. I know the developers of Boxee know about it and are releasing an update soon. This problem is global to all Boxee users on AppleTV’s, so it is not just us here. You can always check out their blog or forums:


Yep I stumble upon some blogs.

But what about xbmc doing the same ? Is it a problem with teh atv update or the underlying xbmc/boxee deal ?

Is xbmc releasing something about that (i haven’t read something regarding xbmc)


I think it might actually have something to do with the XBMC/Boxee Launcher. I think there is a bug in the launcher itself hence the black screen. Of course I am only guessing in the dark here.

did anyone tried with the new atvflash ?

Does it fix this issue ? (I did not do the update yet).

Some post on the net were referring to the usb drive creation being the issue ?


Since the problem is not with aTV Flash itself but with either the XBMC/Boxee Launcher or the applications themselves then it would not matter if you updated to the new aTV Flash or stayed at the version you are at. In fact you many not want to run the Update command in the XBMC/Boxee until they get the problems worked out. If you can stay at the version you have if it all works.

I just read yesterday that boxee has a ssh command to enable their launcher 2.0.

And they said it should come soon (today?)

Can I update the launcher from the current version of atvflash or a new updated version of atvflash will be there with it ?


No more black screen with launcher 2.0 from boxee (to install by ssh)