Xbmc add ons from homescreen

I’m not sure if this would even be technically possible, but here’s my suggestion for an addition that would allow me to uninstall xbmc completely. Ever since I got atv flash black I’ve been using its media player for all my networked content as it just looks and operates so much smoother than xbmc and plays well with AirPlay. Currently the only reason I am still holding onto xbmc is because of the add ons. I was wondering if there was anyway to bake in support for xbmc or xbmc style add ons right on the homescreen, like maybe an additional selection under “media”. Specifically I really enjoy icefilms (when it works), G4 and Navi X.

Thanks for your consideration and I am loving my new purchase!

I can’t see how this is possible but what might ease the transition from the ATV interface to XBMC and back again, is if aTV Flash could hook into XBMC and list the addons under the XBMC menu - picking an addon, launches XBMC and automatically loads the addon. I’m not sure if that’s technically feasible either, but it’s a lot more realistic than getting rid of XBMC altogether :wink: