XBMC 13 reboots after ~20 seconds

Hello all,


After checking maintenance and updating last night (5-9-2014)  to ver 13 of XBMC, it will load to the XBMC menu and after about 20 seconds, wether you touch the remote or not it reboots to no signal and then back the the Apple TV main menu, It was working properly before the update.



ATV2 5.0.2(4250)  MC572LL/A

Wireless connection 5X5 to Timecapsule. media on 2 WDBook live 3TB drives and cablemodem to internet


Any ideas? I have tried to remove XBMC and reinstall, both with Maintenance and NITO.


Thanks for any help in advance




More info:

I cleared the caches, that seems to have shortened the XBMC running duration by about 5 seconds, whatever is crashing it would appear to happen right after cached info is inspected.


I also blocked the ATV2 from internet access, this did not seem to have any effect on the crash.


I will continue researching but would very much appreciate assistance from those among the community of better experience that I have.


Thanks in advance again for any help you may be able to render.




Currently completely reworking my ATV2, re-jailbroken to 5.3, reinstalled atvflash black and rescanning media which will take hours, I will repost after completion either way, working or not.