XBMC, 1 channel, etc...

First apologies for any questions that may exist in other threads.

Not getting the most out of ATV Flash. Seems that all the good stuff resides in XBMC. Such as streaming films, TV, etc…

#1 So, how do I install XBMC on AppleTV? I already installed on my Mac.
I am running AppleTV2, with the latest 5.1 jailbreak that came out yesterday.
#2 I see only a few options of additional software to install, such as NitoTV. I am new at this but NITO doesn’t seem to do much.
There must be more of an upside to jailbreaking and buying ATV flash. Right?

Before the jailbreak I was able to easily stream any film from MAC to AppleTV via a great app called AirVideo. So what am I missing?

BTW, great forum. Lots of activity with helpful people.
Thanks in advance.

XBMC does not currently run on the 5.1 firmware. In fact most of the non-FireCore add-ons need upgrades before they will be compatible with the 5.1 firmware.

I must admit I much prefer to using the FireCore media player than using XBMC and for me that is the big advantage of ATV Flash (black).

Not intending to be a jerk. But I don’t get it.

I jail broke the AppleTV2 and bought atv2 flash and so far the benefit is seeing the weather and couch surfer browser (which works pretty well actually) Beyond these 2 features what am I missing? Do I just need to wait for the 3rd party apps to update for 5.1 iOS?

Seasonpass and FireCore are very well designed software. Seriously job well done.

Is there a feature (that is currently active and not in need of an update) that I have to try right now? I really want to love this jailbreak. Any suggestions are truly appreciated.

If you are not going to use the FireCore Media player which is the main thing myself and all those I know with ATV2+Frecore use then I must agree you are getting minimal benefit fom ATV Flash (Black). However I think there are many like myself who use the Media Payer heavily and avoid XBMC like the plague!

Thanks for the info.

Curious, have you tried air video? Not only can you live stream any movie file type directly to your iPhone and iPad you can then push video via AirPlay right to AppleTV. I think the cost is 2.99 compared to 29.99 for flash black.

I’ll hang in there and keep trying to find ways to use this software.

Again any suggestions of add-ons that currently work that I have to try please let me know.

Yes I have tried (and have) Air Video. However it does not meet my needs as it means I have to have a PC running the Air video server for it be of any use for playing media. Using the FireCore media player I can play media directly from my NAS devices - no need for a PC to be powered on.

In fact a closer match is something like OPlayer as that can pay media directly from the NAS and then use AirPlay to push it through the ATV. This again avoids the need to have a PC in the loop. However most of the time it is still not as convenient as having the Media Playing capability built into the ATV. Also the mix of media types handled is far more restrictive - for instance one can not use.iso DVD image files with OPlayer whereas I can with the FireCore media player.

Thanks for the info. I will look into it.

Is there currently anyway I can stream movies (such as the demo I saw for IceFilms) or stream live TV with any currently supported add-ons?

Until XBMC and it’s add-ons are upgraded to be compatible with the 5.0 firmware I do to think you can use that sort of service.