x265 streaming

4.1 is very good. Esp audio side improvements are great. Now, I have aac 5.1 on my Yamaha receiver (before it was stereo only). However, I still have streaming issues with x265 mkv videos. Screen freezes when there is too much action. I’m streaming from Seagate personalcloud (smb). I tried many files with different bit rates the results were the same - cont freezing. On the other hand my Samsung smart tv plays such files without any issues. Does anybody else have similar problems with x265?

Yes, i am having that issue with x265 mkv files…

720p always works for me but not 1080p

i tried 1080p, and got that issue… its very annoying. Wish we get a solution…

ATV5 will have this solution. I am actually really happy ATV4 can even do 720p even if I am more interested in 1080p.
Meanwhile you need transcoding in the background to watch 1080p/x265

So you say it is hardware related? Very sad to hear that.

Must be both, but other Apps on AppleStore do not play x265 at all what I have seen. (unless transcoded)

Wrong. HD Player Plus works beautifully with 1080p x265.

Very interesting, that one I have not seen. Do you need to pay for the app in order to test it with 1080p x265?

Same issue here with x265 files.

About HD Player Plus, it seems that the app can’t read files over the network via uPNP. It must me loaded with a browser on the computer.

Can’t find it on apple store… reading some posts the app has been thrown out by apple… as mentioned above you had to manually copy the files to the ATV4 itself !?!
If so it could explain why it was possible to play 1080p/x265.

But maybe someone knows more

The ATV4 has hardware decoding for H264 video files. However for H265 videos it’s all up to the ATV4’s CPU, which isn’t really that fast.

Unless there are software efficiency improvements to be made, H265 might be difficult for the ATV4 to ever play smoothly at 1080p high bitrates.

I’m not sure it’s a hardware problem for ATV. x265 videos freeze on ios app as well (I tested on iphone 6).

iPhone 6 processor = ATV4 processor

I can watch 1080p x265 just fine with iPhone 6 on Infuse… It’s not very smooth, but it’s watchable. The same thing doesn’t happen with the ATV4.

It’s a hardware problem/limitation, OK. But this limitation could be handled with software improvements (Infuse).

Hello , I would like to know whether the version of Infuse 4 reads H265 extensions on Apple TV 4 generation

Thank you

H265 and x265 are the same things. yes, ios for apple tv plays h265 files (720p smoothly, 1080p problematic).

H.265 (aka, HEVC) is a specification. x265 is a particular H.265 encoder/decoder. They are not the same.