X265 chromecast support

Hey team! Love the app, it’s the perfect combo of Plex and VLC with cloud support

Finally I can start using my Apple devices more as my main devices vs having to run android devices to do what I need to do.

I was wondering when you think we will have the ability to cast x265 videos to our TVs? X264 is fine but x265 says not available for this video type.

I can cast these fine on my Android device using different apps but really want to be able to do it from my Apple device. Any idea when this feature will be added?

I want this support so I can buy your app it’s the answer to all my needs with exception of that

(10bit x265 videos playback perfectly on the devices they just wont cast)

Welcome to the forum!

Casting h.265 video is something we’ll be working to integrate for an upcoming version.

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Glad to hear! Can’t wait till it hits, this app has surpassed all my expectations, very clean love the metadata fetch it’s like Plex 2.0 and once casting is on it for x265 I can’t imagine anything else!

Thanks for the great work, hope it gets more publicity. I sell for Verizon and will definitely be pitching this to my apple customers on a regular basis

Hello James,
could you elaborate on the timeframe for the ability to cast h.265 videos ?

I just began a trial of Infuse Pro on iOS and had the “Can’t cast this format” ruin my last movie night :frowning:

Sorry your movie night got ruined. Here is where you can see the latest list of what’s coming in Infuse. There are no definite dates for each release obviously due to development time variables but it’s a good indicator. Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

It looks like there are some improvements in Google Cast coming in 5.7.5 but remember, 5.7.4 isn’t out the door yet and features listed in the “What’s Coming” section are fluid and may change dependent upon development needs.

Thanks NC Bullseye !

@James : could you clarify if the upcoming 5.7.5 version will allow casting h265 videos ?