x265 1080p 10 bit videos does not play smoothly, freezes video and audio

Dear forum community:

I’m streaming x265 1080p 10 bits DTS audio from my Mini Mac but the Apple TV freezes the video and the audio get out of sync. How can I fix it?

Use x264. HEVC (otherwise known as x265) is poorly supported by the current ATV4 hardware.
Wait for the codec to mature and universal hardware support to arrive… not sure we’ll see it with the ATV4, my guess is it’ll take off when 4K becomes more popular as a format. ATV5 maybe??

It’s a hardware problem/limitation of the ATV4, OK. But this limitation could be handled with software improvements (Infuse). At this point, Infuse is not fully supporting x265. Wait for that.

Hello , I would like to know whether the version of Infuse 4 reads H265 extensions on Apple TV 4 generation

Thank you

HEVC (x.265) uses high compression to save a lot of space when compared to x.264, though decoding it requires a massive amount of CPU power (resulting in high battery drain on iOS devices).

Realistically, HEVC won’t be practical on Apple TV or iOS until Apple adds support for HW decoding - which is likely to happen at some point, we just can’t say when.

So now this discourse is valid also for use on Apple TV …
Infuse 4 is fully compatible with the H264 decoding .
I would like to try it before buying the FULL version . so as to control the operation of 4K OLED TV