x264 or 720p

okay here it goes… will this play on the apple tv?.. lately i’ve been using dvds rips but now its time to go HD and wanting to know if the apple tv can do it i know quicktime on my mac has the plugin for it does apple tv have a plugin for it or is their a way to transfer it to my apple tv… the aduio is ac3 so that will work. Also the files is packeted in rars. anyone got a good app to make it all one?

Well, guess no one really wants to give there opinion guess i’ll just try it myself… files is mkv. hopefully it works and apples tv’s processor isn’t to slow other wise i guess we would use h.264. Someone help me out here… need some answers been on this apple tv HD thing way to long … tired of low quality dvd rips

It’s not that no one wants to comment, but hopefully in a day or two more people will have read the posts. The daily activity can be slow around here sometimes. I have no experience with watching movies in either format at this point in time, so unfortunately I can not put my two cents in. I will say that if anyone reads this and has tried playing these movie formats, then please post even if it is quick. :slight_smile:

I have tried both methods and here are my findings. MKV files have the best quality but do not play well on the ATV, they are extremely slow therefore you have to convert them to MV4 or similar format to work on the ATV. You will lose some quality but not too much. For conversion use something like Handbrake to convert them, but be warned it will take a a minimum of two hours to convert each movie. Also be warned if your MKV file has subtitles Handbrake will now convert them over to the new file. I have converted both 720p and 108p MKV files to a suitable format which ATV can play.

For expanding RAR files search for UnTarX is free.

thanks for the reply guys… well i like handbrake but the thing is it seems to can’t find the source… such as my mkv file i have already ripped to… handbrake will only let me from the actual disk… which of course will take another 2 or 3 hours lol… yes conversion takes forever… its worth it if it works… anyone else try the same things i am?