X-Plex-Container-Size header exceeds limit 120 with infuse only

I am currently having this weird issue, infuse is trying to load the library but plex keeps throwing the
X-Plex-Container-Size header exceeds limit 120. This will fail with status code 400 in the future.

It is constant and the library never loads inside infuse. The weird thing is when I go the purple, plex server’s name icon in the navigation menu, it instantly loads all 2k movies and I can watch any of them so I have a feeling that that warning is why the library is not loading. I do not have plex behind any proxy or VPN which would probably cause that. Any help would be appreciated.

Infuse version 7.6.7
Plex version

There are major changes for Plex coming with Direct Mode in Infuse 7.7 which is right around the corner. There’s a good chance this may help with any issues you are seeing.