X-callback-url not working

I’ve been experimenting with the save action (“Bookmark a video URL in Infuse to play later”) at API for Third-Party Apps & Services – Firecore Support, calling it like so:


The link is added to Infuse just fine, but Infuse is unable to play the actual file. It displays the following error:

An error occurred

Failed to open input stream in demuxing stream

If I simply paste the URL directly into Infuse from the “Add Files > via Direct URL” section, the same URL plays perfectly fine.

It doesn’t matter if I encode the URL or not, using the x-callback-url syntax from the documentation only allows the link to be created, but not actually played.

I think this a newish feature, so probably just a snag on the way out the door, so to speak.

Could someone have a look at this?

For reference, this is me attempting to play a file added: WM8FZ

Feel free to use that file for testing (if visible from the debug log); it’ll be available for at least a couple more weeks.


This is me adding the same URL directly to Infuse and then playing it for a couple seconds (successfully): 587S1

This is appears to be a long URL with many variables (? or & symbols), so this will not work unless you fully encode the URL before using it with the API features.

If I encode your URL and use that it’s working for me here.

I sent you a PM with a URL snippet you can copy and paste into your browser.

To provide some context, I was using Apple’s Shortcuts app to build a Shortcut. The app provides a URL Encode/Decode action, but it unfortunately does not encode the beginning parts of a URL.

For example, if provided:


It will encode that to:


Which neglects to encode the protocol and path characters, so it should look like this:


That last URL is what Infuse requires. Notice that even the protocol slashes and path slashes after the domain are encoded.

Thank you for the help James! I will be manually replacing characters to accomplish what I need.

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