WWE Network - "Checking for more videos..."

I’ve successfully spoofed my jailbroken ATV2 to 6.0.2 and the WWE Network icon has appeared. It allows me to sign in and launches fine, however when I try to play any video it begins to start and then i get “Checking for more videos…” and it kicks me back out to the main screen. I’ve tested it on my PC and it does work.

Anyone have any luck or solution to correct this?

Where can I find instructions how to spoof it? I’d like to get it showing on my ATV2 as well. Thank you.

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Thanks, it worked, kinda. The channel shows up but now I get some XML error after I sign in.


That happened to me too just go towards the end of the thread and use a different plist editor and only edit the lines they said in the thread.  That fixed it for me.  However I too get checking for videos when trying to watch something.  

I edited with XCode

I now get the Live streaming feed but still not on demand. I'm gonna guess a new version of the WWE App got pushed to the springboard.