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I do confirm video playback on TVos 14 doesn´t work… So if you use the apple TV to watch things, don´t upgrade to TVos 14 until it´s fixed.



Apple did not provide any API for bitstream previously. It would be nice if they added it but without their support Infuse won’t be able to add it. They might be able to create their own API but risk getting removed from the App Store.

I up Apple TV OS 14 but can’t play movie on infuse6

Help me plssss

Welcome to the bleeding edge of technology.

If you have a 4th gen ATV there are ways to downgrade to tvOS 13 but if you have a 5th gen ATV4K you’re stuck until the tvOS betas get the new bugs worked out.

I have Apple TV 4K

Then you’ll have to wait for Apple to sort out the bugs in the tvOS Beta.

A good reason to NEVER install the first beta of a major release if you don’t have to. :wink:

Hi, thanks for warning us. :slight_smile:

For all of you who love adventure and loaded tvOS 14 beta :smile:

There is light at the end of the tunnel and Apple willing, it’s not another train headed our way. :wink:

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Any chance tvOS14 will finally allow infuse to work with Dolby Atmos and DTSX?

Probably not with the current hardware

why’s that? I thought the current hardware already supports Dolby Atmos and even had it in infuse at one time?

Yes, we are all waiting for this.

Thank god I use my Apple TV exclusively for screensavers!


Any word on whether Infuse will support family sharing for subscriptions? It sounded like that was going to be opt-in for developers.

I’d be more willing to plonk down for a lifetime sub if it could be shared.

It can already be shared by logging into trakt.

Here is the instruction on how this is done. Make sure you follow the steps to the letter depending on which Infuse you are using be it the free version with a subscription or the one time purchase of Infuse V6 Pro.

Sorry, I meant without having to use trakt (as I’d rather not sign up for another account, especially one thats sole purpose is to track what I watch - though I’m sure this can probably be disabled)

Here’s some more info on this

Unfortunately for now if you don’t want to use Trakt you can purchase the standalone pro version of Infuse but you’d have to buy the next pro version when it went to version 7 to keep getting updates.

Seems this is currently a limitation of apple on subscriptions.

There is a VP9 decoding option in safari experimental tools so most likely ATV is gaining software support to decode that for YouTube.