Wrong TV Show Selected and cant choose Local Embedded Meta

Using latest iPad Pro and latest version of Infuse 16 Pro.

I have a indian tv show in library and its currently found on IMDB but not on TVDB. Hence the Infuse metadata scrubber cant find the show, and instead puts it down as a different show with a similar name, i tried to edit the metadata of the series and change it to use Local embedded metadata, but it won’t allow me that option, and i have to select a recognised name. Is this a bug?

The folder format is:

Naked (2020)

  • Poster.jpg
  • Naked (2020).xml
  • Season 1
    – Naked (2020) S01E01 The Murder
    – Naked (2020) S01E02 Love Vs Duty

I have also tried to define my own xml file in the series folder above which currently looks like this:

<media type="TV Show">
<title>Naked (2020)</title>
<description>Seductive killer or innocent victim? A murder mystery like no other.

However, even with that Infuse uses a different show called “How to look good Naked (2020)” instead.

All i want to do is rename the series back to its correct name “Naked (2020)” and use the image i have in the folder, called Poster.jpg

Please can someone tell me how to do this, as its not only for this show but a few other web shows i have also that are doing the same thing.

Not sure about xml but you could add them to tvdb yourself if you know some of the details.

Currently, there isn’t support for creating/organizing a TV series with XML files, but you can override the series/season poster and fanart with your own images.

A bit more info on doing this can be found in the Metadata 101 guide here.

thanks james, but the issue is that to override the poster you have to first assign the metadata to a real series or show. For some shows it doesn’t even let me pick the Use Embedded Metadata option!!! So you have to pick another real show which sounds like your one even though its completely a different show!

Is this the only way to do this at the moment? or is there a better way?

I think this series is actually listed on TheTVDB, just with very little metadata. It appears second in the list for me when searching in Infuse.


lol yeah i just added it to tvdb just now :smiley:

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what’s weird is that there is some shows that infuse cant find! Such as this one:


Can you change the name to “Naked (2020)”? TVDB doesn’t want tv shows with the exact same name and less common ones get the year added in the title itself.

im unable to change the title now. I was trying and looking everywhere of how to add the year date, but couldn’t find it in any of the edit sections. I then realised it uses the episode air dates

okay i changed it. you will have to use translations section for that. You should see it show up now if you search with date:
It will take a little time before propagated to API for Infuse to grab

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ok thank you

anyone have any idea why this one doesn’t show up in the infuse metadata search results?


That one comes up for me here…just with limited info.

hmmm, thats weird, ive tried multiple times to search for it, but the title never shows up

" Madhuri Talkies (2020)" finds it for me