Wrong Traditional Chinese metadata of TV shows

After using TMDB for all the metadata, it seems pretty good. And for movies, there’s a good solution. However, nothing changed about TV show metadata. I believe TV shows use the same language tags as movies, but infuse always fetching Simplified Chinese instead of Traditional Chinese. It’s a bit confusing because movies have a solution, then why can’t TV shows have one? I asked about this on Twitter half a year ago, well… still can’t see any plans for that. I hope you can fix this, it would be nice to have correct metadata fetching.

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What version number of Infuse are you using?

Also, you may want to go to Settings > Library and click on “Refresh Metadata” then check and see if the tv shows you’re having problems with reloads with the correct language.

Thank you for replying. My infuse version is 7.4.4. Well…I set the metadata language to Traditional Chinese and I did try to refresh the metadata, but I still have the problem.

You can see the metadata settings and the problem that it keeps fetching Simplified Chinese.

Is this affecting other series, or just this one?

It is affecting all series.

Any updates about this issue?

Sorry for checking the update again. It is affecting all series. I would like to know if there are any possible to fix wrong Traditional Chinese metadata for TV Shows.

I’m sorry to bother you, but the issue still has not been fixed. Another app I use also fetches the metadata from TMDB, and their metadata for Traditional Chinese works well. Is that API version or something else causing this issue?

This is on our list to investigate. Thanks for your patience.