Wrong Thumnails for TV shows episodes

Hi all,
recently I noticed that Infuse has picked up the wrong thumbnails for some tv shows episodes.
Here are some examples:

Atlanta S02E09
Atlanta S02E10
Supernatural S13E21

for all this episodes Infuse has collected the tv show fanart and used it as thumbnails instead of the correct thumbnail.

I’ve checked on TVDB and, for all the above episodes, there’s a correct thumbnail.
I’ve also made a temporary Plex build, just for testing, and the episodes thumbnails are correctly picked up.

I’ve also tried many times to update the shows in question inside Infuse, with no luck.

Is this happened to someone else?

No one? :slight_smile:

Is this just affecting these particular episodes, or all episodes in these seasons? TheTVDb has had a few growing pains over the last few days as they transition to their new site, but I’ve just tried both of these here and it appears to be pulling down the correct artwork (see attached).

What you may try is using the Edit option in Infuse to refresh the artwork for these shows.

Thx for the reply James.
I have this issue only for that episodes (and also for the first two episodes of the handmaid’s tale season 2).
Anyway I’ve already tried the edit option in Infuse but it picked up the wrong thumbnails again.
Also if I remove and then add again the episodes nothing change…strange behaviour.
I’ll wait and see if it’s a tvdb issue or there’s something wrong in my build.

James you can mark this post as solved.
I made another try with edit option and now Infuse has picked up the right thumbnails.
So it was a tvdb issue.
Thx for your help and patience.

Awesome! Glad you are back on track. :slight_smile:

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