Wrong thumbnails due to Metadata (thumbnail descriptions)

I am a fairly new user and obviously have some things to learn, but had to vent.
I just spent an hour salvaging movies from TimeMachine that I had deleted from my hard drive. The reason? I kept seeing movies in the InFuse 7 library that I had not added and had never even heard of.

After I deleted quite a few movies that I thought were promo movies, I noticed that more and more were showing up. I searched this forum to see if this was something I could stop, and then realized that it was InFuse adding Metadata that was completely wrong.

For instance, a file called “Formal A” (a calligraphy movie) was replaced with “A Pure Formality” movie. Not even close!!! And of course, I had a dozens of them because there are movies for every letter of the alphabet…

I’ve since turned off that Preference to collect metadata, and now I have to fix all the previous ones. But really, the file names should be the EXACT same before it attaches metadata. Perhaps give or take using spaces or hyphens/underline, but how does “Brody homework” become the “Dear Mr. Brody” movie is beyond me.

Also, being a new user, I didn’t realize that I was deleting the ACTUAL movie from my hard drive - I thought I was just deleting it from the Infuse Library list. This should be more clear imo. It could have been a disaster but fortunately I had backups.

  • update: at least I found a Preference to Clear All Metadata, which helped.

Sorry that you had a run of bad luck with things. One thing that really helps with gathering the correct metadata is including the year with the movie name. Also avoiding special characters will help.

If these don’t gather the correct metadata I’d suggest you check on TMDB to see if they have the movie and if so does the name and year match? File naming is often an easy solution.

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That makes sense, but I don’t have any commercial videos that any listing would know about!

These are all Zoom recordings of classes I’ve taken that I need to watch (or rewatch). I find Infuse great for catching up over lunch upstairs on AppleTV, rather than sit any more at my Mac.

If they’re for lack of a better term, “home” videos then you could set them to use local Metadata (by either disabling Metadata Fetching, or tagging a folder to use Local Metadata) then Infuse will not fetch online metadata whatsoever.

Then you should be able to create your own xml or nfo file and artwork for them.


I turned off Metadata Fetching (in Preferences > General), but the 3 new videos I added this afternoon received movie thumbnails!?
I found how to select the File > Folder and the metadata was set to ONLINE.

Thanks for your help, as I didn’t know a folder could also be tagged with Online Metadata.

As it happens, fixing the Metadata on those 3 new movies also removed the error on the AppleTV end. They wouldn’t play before I did that.

That will be the default setting for each folder — if a folder contains content you don’t want searched for potential matches at TMDB, definitely mark that folder “Use Local Metadata”.

If “Metadata Fetching: Off” didn’t prevent newly uploaded titles being indexed; it’s possible they were remembered in Infuse from previous inclusion in the library, or from an iOS sync if local metadata had been erased … or maybe that setting only works to prevent new refresh-searches for already indexed content on app restart?

Definitely the sure thing to do is select “Use Local Metadata”.