Wrong Soundtrack

On some DVD rips infuse seems to pick the wrong soundtrack and does not show any alternative to allow it to be changed manually. Two discs that I have found so far are:
Bladerunner The Final Cut-- always picks the soundtrack with director commentary.
TIMESCAPE (TVA Films TVA02879) always chooses the French sound track with no English sound track listed in the audio selection. The problem seems to be on all platforms (AppleTV, Mac, iPad and iPhone) Running the latest software release as of Dec 22, 2023.
If the disc image is viewed using VLC media player these selections are shown and available to select. I haven’t seen any similar posts so I’m not sure if others have had this problem.
I’m new to infuse and love it – the perfect replacement for my old WDTV box.

You may want to post a mediainfo report for both.

Not sure where to find mediainfo – first time using the community site.



You can get it for free from a link here

Or at a low cost on the app store. :wink: I think there is a link for the app store also on that page.

OK Great! Thanks.

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Also, you may want to post the version number of Infuse since there have been recent releases and are you using the free version or do you have a pro subscription?

Will do. I’m using the pro version 7.6.3 but I will repost after running the media analysis tool.

Just FYI the most current version is 7.6.5 :wink:

Sorry I misread it I was starting to get sleepy and the version number on the iPad is in light grey. I am actually using 7.6.5. I may not get time for an analysis till after Christmas but I will post asap. In the meantime Merry Christmas to you and all at Firecore.