Wrong SMB?


My first post and I’m totally newbie in infuse. Try to set it up between my atv4 and my Mac mini. But the address my Mac mini gives me is not the same I have in infuse? How does I change it on infuse? It’s end with .local instead for .home?

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I’d recommend just choosing the one that shows up in Infuse. I’ve run across the same thing and if you just choose the one that shows available in the Infuse settings it should be fine.

I think that Apple has changed something along the way but which ever Infuse sees is the one that the mini is broadcasting.

So how can I get that on my mini? Right know it’s says the other for smb?

The name detected in Infuse will be the actual name the device has on the network. This can vary a bit based on your router, switch, etc…

I’d try connecting to the device as shown in Infuse, and there’s a pretty good chance it will ‘just work’.

Additionally, there are few other things to check when streaming from macOS.

  1. SMB is enabled on your Mac (more info here https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204445).
  2. At least one user is selected under ‘Windows File Sharing’ (as shown under ‘Advanced Options’ in the link above).
  3. Selected username and password are being entered in Infuse.

Note: iCloud username/password cannot be used. If you’re using an iCloud ID to log in to your Mac, you will need to set up a new ‘Sharing Only’ user as described here: https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/set-up-other-users-mtusr001/mac

Yes but on my Mac mini it’s says at it’s another thing? And I can’t log in? I try but get its wrong user and password. I can log in on my computer from infuse but just to stf?

Instead of using the computer name you can try putting in the IP address for the computer. Just make sure it has a static IP address.

James I have try to do that? But get it is wrong password? I using my computers password and user should I use something else?

Can you check to ensure you have ‘Windows SMB’ enabled as described above.

Are you using an iCloud ID to log into your Mac, by chance?