wrong movie info > The Scribbler (2014)


The Scribbler (2014)

this movie always has the wrong info. it copies another movie info and sometimes the poster
i knew this bug 2 years ago but i didn’t report it
i tried everything even editing details on TheMovieDB and then clearing cache/images
and no luck

i tested on 4 different apple tvs

this is my filename:
The Scribbler (2014).mkv

if you want to test add some movies in same folder and it will copy another movie info

Thanks for the report. I am seeing the same issue here. It’s a bit strange, and we’ll need to look more info this.

In the meantime you can use the Edit option in Infuse and search for ‘The Scribbler’ to get the correct info.

any update on this?

hello james any update on the issue?

Haven’t had a chance to dig too deep into this yet, but it’s on our list.