Wrong Metadata

How can I fix wrong metadata!??!

You have to correct the movie title so it can be found (the year of the release date helps very often. Then refetch the metadata.

The metadata is fetched from here: http://www.themoviedb.org/

Have you got an example?


I’m assuming periods within the filename throw the fetching off? Most of my files are torrents, therefore are subject to the UL ripping software. 95% of the time it’s Breakingbad.S4E06.1080.MKV. it’s can’t read any of my files correctly.

There should be a manual way to search for correct metadata. Hopefully this will be implemented.

The current version only supports movie metadata. TV Show metadata will be added soon.

Yes, a manual correction option will be added soon.

Fantastic!! I can’t wait for this to be implemented along with mkv subs