Wrong MetaData used when leaving on TVepisode after deleting secondlast episode

Hi there,

After Upgrading from 5pro to 6pro Lifetime i am happy that (at least not me) i have no really big problems.

Only one quite annoying and reproducable detail is new. A little glitch in handling metadata for TV-Series. Please consider the following scenario:

  • TV Series organised in Folder-Style as proposed in metadata-101
    Example: NCIS\Season 15\NCIS - s15e09 - Funny Episode Episode Title.mkv

  • File Management Handling via Infuse is activated

  • Sorting by Filename

  • Displayed by Folder/List not as “Collection”

  • Everything about MetaData works great as long as there is more than one file in the actual Season-Folder. “Series-Folder” shows Series-Details. Entering a Season-Folder one can see all the Episodes with correct Episode-Titles instead of the filename and Details for the Episodes are correctlry displayed on the side.

For the faulty behaviour to show there have to be TWO Files with different Episodes in one season-Folder. All Metadata should be OK.

It is getting weird when i am doing the following:


NCIS\Season 15\NCIS - s15e08 - abcd.mkv
NCIS\Season 15\NCIS - s15e09 - efgh.mkv

I am usually deleteing a seen episodes, leaving only the last seen (and of course all unseen) episodes in the folder,

If i now delete episode s15e08 everthing looks fine. I am IN the season folder showing the one leftover episode (s15e09). Now exit the season-Folder. You will now be in the Series-“Root”-Folder.

Now the new behaviour of version 6 shows its (ugly) head. As there is only one episode left in the folder of Season 15, infuse tries to be smart and does not display the folder (with only one episode inside), but shows a (virtual) file-item that does merge the information of the episode with the series title.

In the example this should (!!) be something like s15e09 • efgh as i deleted s15e08…
BUT it actually shows the meta-data of the just deleted file: s15e08 • abcd

The first time that happend, my heart skipped as i thought it has deleted the wrong file. But the deletion was done alright. Infuse simply shows the wrong metadata and is doing this very insistingly. As a programmer it looks like there is missing a content/list/array-Refresh for the meta-data after deleteing the file.

1.File A
2.File B
Deleteing File A on Place 1
File B takes Place 1
(moving to parent folder)
File B displays data of Place 1 (but the OLD Place 1)

This can be reproduced on every series/season/folder structure whatever Series you choose. The data for that file is cached (until next GarbageCollecton?). You have to kill infuse-App to force an actual reload of the metadata to see the correct metadata for this file.

In general the whole scheme about this “only one file left, lets display it ouside the folder”-thing is not very welcome. I don’t like this new behaviour and it should be optional, but that’s not the point. Currently this outside-season-folder-file shows wrong metadata when this happened from deleting the first of two files.

Hope this lengthy description helps a littlebit. I’d be happy to give more details if needed.

Regards and Cheers

Welcome to the forum!

Have you tried browsing your shows via the Library to see if this works any better for you? Generally, the library will provide a better and more consistent experience, especially for TV shows.