Wrong metadata language part 2

This topic was closed:

But the problem remains the same.

Will this bug EVER be fixed, so that I can enjoy Norwegian metadata language for TV shows?

I note that this topic has now been removed from the list of planned fixes. Unbelievable that such an easy bug to fix is not just dealt with once and for all.

Why not just do it the way TMDB does it? Can it be so hard?

I suggest that Infuse should now remove Norwegian from the supported languages list.

Anything new about this?

I feel the Infuse team does not care about metadata language issues at all, they speak English only, they don’t have non English movies in their collections, they don’t feel the pain.

They promised to solve it, but then suddenly removed it from their to do list. Strange, since this is not a request for a new feature, but a bug with a feature they claim is supported. It should not be a difficult task either.

I think you’re right. Small languages is not a priority. But at the same time it’s meaningless, cause imdb itself has no problem what so ever with Norwegian.

I’m asking again about this metadata bug. Will it ever be solved? By now, Norwegian language is not supported for TV shows. Even Norwegian shows gets English metadata, witch is meaningless.

Seems a little strange to spend months on Dolby Vision support, while ignoring basic things that should have worked in the first place.

Why can’t Infuse just fetch Norwegian metadata when it’s there? It works for movies.