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I’ve been using infuse for years never had much of an issue with it fetching the correct metadata for movies or shows until now. I’ve been running the original Dragon Ball anime tv show on it while it is giving out the wrong episode data while named correct. For instance season 4 episode 8 (overall episode 53 of the series) titled “Blue, Black and Blue” comes out as season 6 episode 9 ( overall episode 76 of the series) titled “True Colors of the Mask Man”. Where does the data initially come from? I thought it was maybe IMDB or something similar.

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Infuse fetches the data from TVDB and that particular episode is actually season 3 episode 25 per TVDB.

How do you have the video file for this episode named? That will help determine how you’re shows are pulling metadata.

Also of note, Infuse will be changing sources for TV show data in the very near future to TMDB instead of TVDB due to API changes coming so this may affect the end result too.

You can follow the progress of this here.

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I see how its pulling information….the way the seasons originally aired and how it was broken up in sagas is different vs DVD/Digital release thanks I’ll alter it in my library.

Correct, it will show as originally aired date order. You can see the difference in DVD and other orders for this episode here on TVDB.

Again, don’t forget that Infuse will be changing sources soon so you may want to hold off on any big changes for names until we start using TMDB instead of TVDB

Is the switch rolling out with Infuse 7? In April/May or a little further out?

The link is in my first post. That’s where you’ll find the latest info that’s updated when new information is available.

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