Wrong duration on timeline

I use SMB to connect to my Synology NAS and two AppleTVs connected to my home network via WiFi (the Synology is connected to my router via ethernet).
I replaced a faulty drive on the Synology and let it rebuild. Since then, some movies show an erroneous duration (between 13 minutes to 1 hour). So it’s now impossible to access a time further than the length shown, except by letting the movie play; it will play fine up until the end .
The information of the movie is right: the movie description show the right length. It’s while playing that the timeline is wrong.
I asked Infuse to rebuild the metadata but there is no change.

I’d suggest you try copying one of the videos that show an erroneous time on the time line to another location and try playing that copy. It’s possible your files got corrupted during the rebuild or the rebuild didn’t complete.

You may want to also try a different player such as VLC on the copy.

Good suggestions, thanks!
I copied a file to my desktop. Infuse still show one hour on the timeline for this 2-hour movie.
VLC shows the complete timeline and I can seek anywhere.
So it seems to be a problem with Infuse and the file is not damaged.

Are you by chance using MacOS Monterey and a SSD drive?

On the computer on which I just made the test, yes.

This may be playing a part in the overall problem. While not exactly the same it could be a piece of the puzzle. I know you’re running off a NAS but the file copies to and from the mac may be affected.

Read through this thread

I read the threads.
I don’t see how this could be part of the problem. The files stayed on the NAS all the time.
It’s only the test file that was copied to the MAC. And then, it played without problem with VLC.

Is this affecting many videos, or just a few?

Would you be able to upload the video you are seeing issues with so we can review it here?

I uploaded a sample movie. It has the problem with Infuse but reads fine with VLC.

Have you had some time to look at the sample file I uploaded?

Is there something I can do to help you? Would you like another sample?

Did somebody had the time to check into this problem?

This appears to be a file-specific issue and is currently queued for investigation.

Hi, thanks James.
Just to let you know that the sample I sent is just that, a sample. All the movie files I have on this NAS show the same problem.

Right. If there are other files that were made in the same way, then the issue could be visible there as well.

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This should be resolved in today’s 7.4.8 update. :slight_smile:

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