Wrong color in DVD based subtitles

Bought an Apple TV 4K to replace my Pi. During my intensive test session it seems Infuse still has some issues with VOBSUB subtitles. For example, I have a file where the subtitle color should be yellow like the original source, but it appears in white color as this is the default setting for subtitle settings in Infuse. Of course I can change it to yellow in settings, but then the next series has yellow subs were they should appear in white or pink. It seems Infuse is not recognizing the correct information for the subtitle. This affects only VOBSUB, ASS or PGS is working fine. If necessary I can provide sample file.

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This is actually done by design. Whenever possible, Infuse will honor the color settings you have select in the Subtitles menu in order to provide a consistent experience.

Hello James,

Thanks for your reply. Ok, in this case I understand why you did this and why it is not a bug.

The problem I am having is I never set any color setting and infuse on my appletv is just using the default Infuse color option (White) instead of the files colors - and i see no optionf or none or use file.

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