Wrong character with Nordic subtitle encoding

I have a lot of movies with danish subtitles and I select the Nordic encoding. ‘Æ’ and ‘Å’ are displayed as they should be, but ‘Ø’ is displayed as ‘O’. Anyone have a solution to this. Is it a problem with the encoding?

Is this happening with all files, or just a few? Do you have a sample .srt file we can look at?

Tried the Western Europe character set and that seems to work. Just thought Nordic would be ideal since I am from Denmark.

Hi James

I still have this problem. I have tried Western European (latin-9), Western European (windows) and Nordic character encoding, and Ø is displayed as O with all of them.


Would you be able to send in a sample SRT file you’re having trouble with?

Sure, here you go.

File extension renamed to .jpg to allow upload. 

the subtitles in the submitted sample are displayed correctly in VLC for example. 

I just tried your file here and it seems to work with the encoding is set to Nordic. I did notice the line in the Ø is a bit faint, though if you adjust the Weight setting to Bold, it becomes much more visible.

Hope this helps.

Ok, I’ll try setting it to bold. Thanks!

I’ve got problems with this srt.

All ä, ö, ü (umlaut) shows up as “^”.

Which encoding types have you tried?

I don’t know. I used this file, and it didn’t works. :wink:

Ok, try adjusting the encoding type. This setting can be found in the Playback Menu.

Access the Playback Menu by holding the Select (center) button while a video is being played.