Wrong audio output

On tvos12 it was on 5.8.1 and now still on 5.8.2. No matter how many channels in file - infuse outputs 7.1, and it’s a problem when stereo. Because receiver thinks that it’s multichannel, and don’t upmix it.

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Hmm, is this affecting all your non-7.1 files or just a few?

I just tested this out on different files.

EAC3 5.1 is outputting at 7.1 incorrectly.
AC3 5.1 is outputting at 7.1 incorrectly.

DTS-HD MA 5.1 is outputting at 5.1 correctly.
TrueHD 5.1 is outputting at 5.1 correctly.
AAC 2.0 is outputting at 2.0 correctly

Nice sleuthing Tim!

Will look into this.

Hi again, sorry for not complete post. Yes, as Tim said and also AC3 2.0 outputs as 7.1.
I’ve first encountered it when I installed GM last week, but I thought that 5.8.2. tvos12 optimization would handle it and didn’t write prior to its release.

Also last week I’ve encountered problem that I had to volume up receiver more than 10db. And Im not sure if it’s file problem, or infuse problem.

I didn’t have any of those types of files to test, thanks for doing that one!

I’ll recheck again what I have, in the evening.

Checked everything that found in my library

DD+2.0 & DD2.0 - 7.1
DD+5.1 & DD5.1 - 7.1
AAC2.0 - 2.0
AAC5.1 - 5.1
MP3 2.0 2.0

TrueHD5.1 - 5.1
TrueHD7.1.- 7.1
HDMA2.0 - 2.0
HDMA5.1 - 5.1
HDMA7.1 - 7.1


Thanks. This mirrors our results here.

Looking into what may be causing this…

I seem to have a similar problem where SOME AC3 audio is not correctly passed as Multi-Channel PCM downstream. My receiver is 5.1, so I can’t say if it gets tripped up by a 7.1 feed, but it certainly does not recognise the feed as multi-channel PCM feed. There is some sound, maybe one of the background channels, but it sounds slurred as in running an old magnetic tape at 10% speed. Interestingly, this does not affect all AC3 content, and I could not figure out a pattern (bitrate etc.). Also VLC on Apple TV outputs the same content correctly to my receiver. So I guess its not an OS issue as with pass-through (which if working would probably be a viable workaround). tvOS12 and Infuse Pro 5.8.3.

I have the same problem.
I think the problem is the new option to turn on/off Dolby Atmos in the settings.
I have the same problem, if the Dolby Atmos is enabled.
If Atmos is deactivated, no problems. Like tvOS 11

I have done a bit more analysis and think that my problem is unrelated. I have lots of TV recordings that change the channel layout midstream (e.g., lead-ins and commecial breaks in stereo within a movie). It looks like this change of audio channel layout throws Infuse into confusion. When I crop a movie where the first few minutes are stereo, the movie plays fine, when I transcode from AC3 to AC3 forcing a 5.1 channel layout throughout (ffmpeg -ac 6 option), the content plays fine. I feel that I should not be the first to come across this issue, but I could not find a related topic in the forum and would gratefully appreciate a pointer to related posts.

Out of curiosity turned off Atmos in settings and 2.0 DD was sent as 2.0 instead of 7.1. So Atmos is definitely part of the problem, and I guess that 7.1 problem is only for people with atmos.

Update: We’ve tracked down what’s going on, and plan to have a fix available in the upcoming 5.8.4 update.

Thanks for the report! :slight_smile:


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