Would like to drag QT codecs to aTV library folder

Why couldn’t we manage our own QT codecs by dragging them to the Apple TV Quicktime folder in the Library directory? But the action is refused saying I don’t have permissions. I, for one, would like to install Sorenson (previously requested) and XDCam.


Dave, you cannot copy files outside the frontrow directory. They would need to be copied to the frontrow directory, and then moved using Terminal.

Oooo…so it might work, then? Do I run terminal from AppleTV…or from my desk CPU. Would you mind giving me a little direction? I can run a long way when pointed the right way…


Basically, copy the codec files to the frontrow (home directory) on the Apple TV.

Open Terminal on your Mac, and log into the Apple TV using SSH

ssh -1 frontrow@appletv.local

Enter ‘frontrow’ as password when prompted.

To move the codec files enter:

sudo mv codec1.component /Library/Quicktime/
sudo mv codec2.component /Library/Quicktime/

and etc.

Very nice…will try.

Nope…codecs dragged to the Library/Quicktime folder don’t work. I also can’t get AppleTV to recognize VIDEOTS folders. I’m afraid my installation either doesn’t work…or there is an operation manual badly needed.

DVD files can be played through the DVD plugin.

  1. Make sure you have the mplayer codecs installed in DVD > Settings > Install Software > Install mplayer Codecs
  2. If your DVDs contain menus, you will need to enable the menu option in DVD > Settings > Enable DVD Menus

Yep, it’s a-workin’ Just miss 2-field performance for video-based content…