Would like to be able to browse folders named "Featurettes" in the Shares/Folders view

Since Infuse gained the ability to ignore folders named “Featurettes” for the library view I can’t find a way to see these files via the Folder view. It’d be nice to have some way to do both ignore folders with that name for the Library but still be able to view the content in the folder view.

This is for an “Infuse Only” user, no Plex, Kodi, Jellyfin, Emby, etc.


So no Infuse “purists” :wink: want to be able to see the “Featurettes” for movies without the individual items showing up as “Other” in the library or worse, being misidentified as a totally different movie?

I like the ability to have the library ignore folders labeled “Featurettes” but still be able to browse them in the share.


Yep Bullseye, this is how I would like it work for current implementation. Even better would be for Infuse to actually support extras in the Library view natively.

I agree.
I’d like an option to ignore folders (where I might want related movie info that Infuse can’t handle).
I’d like the option to browse an Extras folder.

Even if Infuse is not ready to implement this browse feature (but hopes to), it’d be nice to have these two folder names defined so that once a feature is added, then everything isn’t viewable that’s hidden in my featurettes folders…

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