Would converting MKV to MP4 be useful?

I use infuse 6 pro on AVT4K (64GB) to play MKVs sourced from my physical media.

The ATV4k and the NAS units (Lenovo IX-300D) are hardwired and speeds are high (I can do get the exact numbers if that’s useful.)

Mostly it’s perfect … but I still see the occasional dropped frames and I would like to trouble shoot this.

Is it possible that converting my MKV to MP4 would help ?

MKV vs MP4 likely won’t make a difference as Infuse is able to extract the video/audio streams from both and play them in the same way.

Are you on the 14.5 beta by chance?

Do you know if you are playing 24.000 fps content?

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Thank you so much for the quick reply.

Yes, I am on the latest Beta with my ATV4k. I don’t know about the frame rate … I was just watching some episodes of Game of Thrones. … I kind of assume it’s 23 point something standard for the framerate.

To be specific … I may notice a frame skip once in an hour and the rest of the time is perfection. It’s not a deal breaker, … just a thing I thought maybe I could figure out.

I also have an M1 Mac Mini and have considered helping test infuse for that. I was happy to see you were crafting a version for Mac OS.

Yes, it’s likely 14.5 is causing the issue then.

In essence, 14.5 adds support for 24.000 output (in addition to 23.976). However, Infuse needs a few tweaks for this version and 23.976 output is currently unavailable. This will cause a dropped frame every now and then.

An update to address this is in the works and will be available soon.

This thread has more info.