Would a US Apple TV 2.0 work in the UK??


I'm on holiday to New York next week and was considering picking up an Apple TV 2.0 whilst i'm out there. Other than replacing the power cord, can anyone think of a reason why a US Apple TV wouldn't work in the UK?



I have one - bought a couple of weeks ago in NY. I am currently using it in the Netherlands with both a NL (no content) and a US iTunes account and it works great - I’m leaving it on the US account for now as that’s where the content is. I would imagine that it will work with a UK iTunes account just fine. My only regret is not buying more… would have loved to have gotten one for my parents.

I got a UK ATV2 over here in Belgium. Works flawless.

So yes, a US model will work just fine in the UK

All we need now is a VPN client, so we can watch Netflix :slight_smile:

Exactly!!!  ;)