Worst customer service ever.

Install hangs on:kerncache Never worked in 18 months and 100+ attempts

scott7 May 14 09:17

Based on the results it says that it cannot find the device in DFU mode. In System > Under USB you should see your Apple TV and it should say something like DFU mode or Recovery Mode or iBoot. Anything but the first will not allow your device to be jailbroken.

Side note: I am simply a moderator not employed by firecore. I don’t know how many people they have working but prior to being a moderator a simple question did take a little while to get answered or replied to. They do their best.

Tragic, free software with worst support ever?

Post problems in the forums first before bothering firecore, response will be quicker.



“Free” is relative. If it takes 8 hours to mke something work following the instructions meticulously, and then it not only doesn’t work, but destroys my ATV in the process so it can’t restore, can’t jailbreak, but makes a really good desk ornament, then it’s far from “free.” Just ask my family and my partners if they think 8 hours of my time is free. Better yet, I’ll give you set of instructions that I swear by, but don’t work under fairly common circumstances, wait a week for me to answer your question while you search forums and try everything you can find, then bill me for the hours and we’ll talk about “free.”

Software is free